visible signs of indeterminate meaning

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Visible Signs of Indeterminate Meaning 14. Silver nanoparticle paint and silver mirroring on glass. 12 x 15.5 inches, 2015.

These small works on glass have affinities with images created by 19th-century technologies for making visible the invisible—the products of spirit photography, telescopy, and x-rays. Their reflective, changeable nanoscopic-silver surfaces share qualities with daguerreotypes, one of the earliest forms of photographs. Both are made of silver; these, with nanoscopic silver I made in a lab. Visible Signs of Indeterminate Meaning is the product of carefully planned measurements, calculations, and titrations in a chemistry lab and of spontaneous smears, spills, and erasures in my painting studio. As with daguerreotypes, these works ask those who view them to engage in a kind of search. In this case, the search yields only questions. Some images suggest outer reaches of space, dark passages of ocean, and inner recesses of bodies. And like these depths, these works resist being known.