TED talks

Art and Light through the Lens of Ambivalence: TEDxRainier 2012

Kate spoke at TEDxRainier in Seattle in the fall of 2012. In this talk, she uses physics, medieval artifacts, and her own artwork to initiate viewers into ambivalence—the ability to be two contradictory things strongly and simultaneously. Kate proposes that art can help us develop the capacity to hold multiple, contradictory things and, in this way, allows us to enter into the mysteries of our time.

Science for Art, Art for Science: TED 2010

Named a TED Fellow in 2010, Kate attended TED in Long Beach and gave this short talk. In a cool five minutes, Kate explains the concept of structural color and tells the story of how she wound up creating her artwork in a nanoscience lab.

In addition to speaking at TED, Kate has given talks at…
The University of Florida, Gainesville
3M, Minneapolis
The Exploratorium, San Francisco
TED Active, Palm Springs,
The Case Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Stanford University