in them, we see ourselves

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In Them We See Ourselves 7. Gold nanoparticles and silver on glass. 36 x18 inches each, 2016.

“In them, we see ourselves” is a series of works on glass that displays, side by side, Victorian-era mirror-making technology and contemporary nanotechnology. Recipes developed by Victorian mirror-makers were foundational to much of contemporary metallic nanoparticle synthesis. It’s no surprise, then, that each echoes elements of the other.

Standing before these mirrored surfaces, we recognize ourselves—both in our reflections and in the silvery forms that suggest elements of our own anatomy. Though these images don’t represent anything in particular, they evoke clamshells and shore, supernova and viscera. The reason for this could be the way in which they are made—by fluid fronts advancing and retreating, flowing until they meet an obstacle, then pooling in pits, folds, and gullies.