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Figments. Silver nanoparticles on glass. 2014.

“…imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown” –Theseum to Hippolyta, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This work is about crafted bodies. In these hinged pieces, one mirrored half reflects the other, evoking winged animals. In contrast, the forms’ asymmetry, geometric angularity, and metallic nanoparticle surfaces conjure human artifice. I’m interested in the ideas, procedures, and emotions that attend the design, facture, and modification of organisms. In particular, it’s the ambivalence such practices call forth in us that intrigues me most. Luminous when reflecting white, and black when reflecting dark, these pieces flash and hide, flickering in and out of visibility. These works’ sharp, aberrant forms amplify this physical ambivalence, producing difficult objects that are at once seductive and menacing, present and elusive, familiar and strange.